We play with dirt

That time of year again!

It hasn’t been that time of year for long, but it has certainly come. The garlic in the garden is about four inches, the spring onions have started to spring and the parsley never did die over the winter. Actually the time has been a little bit wonky in it’s coming.

I’ve gotten one bed prepared, one of those odd ones that is just a bit too big to comfortably weed even with access to both sides of the bed, but it’s got good dirt (I think, I’m not actually sure, but weeds grow in it really well). I’m really looking forward to planting this year.

In this bed will be ground cherries, spinach, carrots, leeks, diakon, radishes and peas. It’s a really big bed so I’m going to need more than this, but I’ve another bed with garlic and plans for cucumber, basil and peppers. (There are beds with other things but I am not responsible for those. Mainly tomatoes, beets, beans, zucchini, and swiss chard.)


Does anyone know how to train radishes? They can get sooo long and I’m not sure if I can just use a tall stick or if I’ll need more of a tomato cage kind of thing.

What is everyone else going to grow? What would you like to grow if you had more room? Or a different zone to grow in? (I’m so looking to steal some yummy ideas.)

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