Hi there gardening folks!

This year I have made my first foray into this strange new world of trying to coax plants to grow. I am an utter neophyte and probably doing everything wrong. But I am one of the few New Yorkers fortunate to have outdoor space, so after years of procrastinating I'm finally making good on my promise to tend to it and make it more than a raggedy patch of weeds and trash.

A few weeks ago (later than I should have but c'mon it was a late spring) I finally cleaned up that little rectangle of dirt you see behind the grill and decided to plant some flowers. I've never had my soil tested so I frankly have no idea what will grow in it but I have turned the soil over and ameliorated it with some manner of compost or garden soil every summer for the past 8 years or so. It should be halfway decent right?

I wandered around the garden center at my local Home Depot for an hour or two reading the packaging on various seeds and bulbs and plants (no, the store employees were not helpful and nor did they know anything about gardening). Here's what I came out with:

Bulbs: lily of the valley and astilbe to plant along the wall/fence; 2 peony bulbs because pretty!


Plants: something that looks like hostas but isn't apparently? Also some pretty pink and yellow flowers that are indoor/outdoor succulents and apparently do ok in half sunlight


Seeds: zinnia (which I hear you can't really fuck up) and some rainbow coleus (ditto)

So I sowed and I seeded and I planted...and now...I wait??? Of course all the massive spring thunderstorms stopped the week I did this so I have been out with the hose roughly every other day watering them. I think because I got everything in the ground so late I might not really see it bloom until next summer, but I'd be ok with that so long as something grows at all!

Thanks for letting me infiltrate this group...I'm really impressed by all your knowledge and your growing things so far! Please forgive me if I ask really stupid questions. :)


Let me know if you have any good tips for newbie gardeners below!