Long time listener, first time caller (or the Green Thumbs equivalent). I bought a house back in February and now that it's summer, I'm starting to learn a lot more about how my yard is going to behave. One thing I don't love is all the dang daylilies that I have growing, so I need advice from people with a better eye for this stuff.

I'm not sure I have anything against daylilies in general, but I HATE the ones at my house. My house is mostly done in a deep red/wine and medium blue color. The daylilies are orange/yellow. They just don't go with my house and I'm not going to repaint my house!

The other thing I don't love is that they die so quickly. What's the point? They were semi-pretty (although clashy) for about a week, but now I have hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of chest-high dead plant stalks. They look terrible! I realized that if they're completely brown then they pull up out of the ground fairly easy, but should I not be doing this?

Also, the foliage from them is just overgrown and ick. I don't know what to do with it! I would almost prefer bare flowerbeds to the overgrown mess that I have currently. It's kind of taken over my front entryway, but I don't really notice it too much since I always use the garage entrance. But it's still kind of an eyesore.

I know it's late in the season, so I likely won't be planting anything new (I honestly wouldn't know what to plant anyways), but I want to do something with what I've got now.

So does anyone know if I can just pull up the dead stalks? Can I cut the foliage back? If I really don't like the colors, is it really horrible if I just dig these suckers up?