We play with dirt
We play with dirt

I have four mature rose bushes in my back garden (three in my front garden). Three of them are pink (which is my least favorite color). They’d been neglected before we moved in a few years ago, and one of them was so overgrown that I’ve managed to cut it down to about eight feet high from over twelve. (I plan to cut it right back this autumn.) I’ve also got four newer roses I planted myself last year. I got them cheap and wasn’t sure they’d survive, but all but one did (of course the orange one died — wah!), and it looks like they’re coming on pretty well now. I took cuttings from some of the mature bushes last year, and I’ve got five robust looking slips of various sizes in pots now. I’m pretty sure the ones that took are mostly pink as well. I had more, but several died in the past few weeks while I was away. We had some work done and I was away for just long enough in a dry spell that lots of things died, so my beds are pretty much empty except for the roses, a couple lavender plants, a few shrubs, and some primroses. I’ll be getting more bedding plants soon, but I have to wait for someone with a car to help me out there.

Should I plant them all out? My garden is of a reasonable size, but not incredibly large. At this point that would mean something like roses every two or three feet, most of them pink, when I much prefer yellows and oranges or even peach.


I can probably give at least one to the in-laws, who planted out new roses but had them all eaten by rabbits. Thing is, the ones I have that are probably big enough to survive do have a bit of black spot. So while they’re nice robust plants they’re going to take some spraying.

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