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Help me start my (hopefully eventually pretty) flower garden! Please?

Hey everybody! So, I was chatting in the comments with another awesome kinja-er who gave me some great gardening advice, and I wanted to see if I could put this out and get some good ideas from more of you. I know very little about gardening, and moved in to this house right before all the snow fell, so I'm just able to start now that it's nice and clear. The pictures you see here are in the front of my house (please don't judge! This is how it came, minus the 4 daffodil bulbs I randomly planted when I moved in) and I would love any input or suggestions any of you have about what I should plant, design, etc. I have no problem moving anything that's already there (if that's possible, except that stupid pole) and am open to anything. It's about 10-12ft long by <2ft wide. I live in the northern suburbs of NYC. I took a panoramic shot and 3 sections. I am beyond grateful for any input!


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