Since I was just out taking pictures, I decided to show you my free hedge! Our hedge is about 4 years old. We went out into the woods and just dug up some Hemlock saplings. We planted over 200 of them and then encircled about half the property. We trimmed them often to promote lots of bushy branching, and here is the result:

It is about 125 feet long. The top is a little scruffy looking, but we are trying to get it to grow a little bit taller so that people cannot see into that part of our yard as they drive by. I think it has turned out pretty good, considering that it was free!

If you look across the back of the picture along the side of the neighbor house. You can see the remains of the hedge that we started up the side yard. That house is a rental property and many of the tenants seem to enjoy letting their dogs play in our baby bushes and destroy them, so that hedge was less successful than the hedge along the street.