So in addition to planting some lovely flowers in my backyard that I hope will bloom at some point in the next few years - and lily of the valley which apparently I should expect to come strangle me in my bed some time in the next few weeks - I was thinking about planting some veggies and herbs.

Sidenote: For some reason when I buy them at the grocery store they are "'erbs" but when I talk about planting them in my garden they are unquestionably "Hhherbs".

Anyway, I don't know about my soil quality or what kinds of horrid industrial waste might be lurking below ground in Brooklyn. So in the meantime I think I will plant in planters. Turns out...planters are expensive as fuck!!! Why?

Like why do these basic-as-fuck wood boxes cost almost $200 apiece on Amazon???


Anyway, that's not going to happen chez Jenkins. I figured I would just keep a lookout for large-ish receptacles that I could fill with dirt and stick a basil plant in. Lo and behold a few days ago I stopped by my local produce market and they were tossing out a few of these bushel baskets in which they receive shipments of cucumbers and the like.

My question is this: do you think I need to stain/seal these somehow? Like they're probably not waterproof right? So if I just fill them with dirt and sit them outside where it rains occasionally will they rot? Or will they be good enough for one summer and then I can just replace them next year? The hhherbs and veggies won't grow once it's cold anyway right?


I happen to have a small can of stain/seal that I'm planning to use on some benches in my back yard but I kind of like the rustic, unfinished look of the basket as is. Besides basil do you folks have any recommendations for easy-to-tend aromatics and vegetables for a first-timer? I hear mint grows like wildfire. I'd love some heirloom tomatoes in late summer but not sure if it's too late.