Just thought I would put up a couple of pictures to show how things are coming along:

Here is the first raised bed:

The storage tomatoes and broccoli are off to a slow start, but are all viable still. We did not have 100% success with the butterhead lettuce or spinach (I would say 50% and 70% respectively). This photo was taken just after the great weeding of 2014.

Here is a view of the entire garden:


The plastic mulch is sort of an experimental thing for us. Some of the local old-timers swear by it, but some say that it kills beneficial organisms in the soil. It is supposed to raise the soil temperature and give us more vigorous plants, as well as keep the weeds down. We intend to dig up some soil in August to see if anything is alive under there. From left to right we have various varieties of sweet and hot peppers in the front, behind that in the inner fenced area is asparagus (which is on its second season and we decided to wait another year before beginning to harvest). Then next to the right front are various slicing and saucing tomatoes, and behind are sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes. Next is a row of kidney beans, then two rows of chickpeas (both of which we dry and store), then two rows of green beans along the fence, then two rows of sangre potatoes (a red) and two rows of austrian crescent potatoes (a fingerling). Behind all of that is another raised bed that we will start a second batch of salad greens and which will also hold the broccoli once it is a bit more mature, and the over grown stuff on the right is the strawberry patch. The rows in the main garden are all far enough apart that we can run our tiller between them to eliminate weeds.

Here is the previous update: