We play with dirt

Cupboard Potato

It’s time for another Cupboard Potato update! Not much exciting is really happening. Sadly, I failed to get pictures when it was flowering. But, as you can see, Cupboard Potato is starting to die back. But, that is a good thing! As soon as it all dies back, I can start harvesting. I’ve started digging around to find some potatoes, but any that are in there are kind of deep. I can’t wait to see how many potatoes are in there! You can also see Cupboard Potato’s Companion next to it. Companion Potato is also doing very well.


Here is my garden. It has 7 different kinds of tomatoes (Mountain Pride, Mr. Stripey, Pink Girl, Yellow Pear, Indigo Rose, Tomatoberry, and one other kind I forget), 5 peppers (mini bell in red and orange, scotch bonnet, yellow bell, and “salsa” pepper), green beans (hidden behind the tomatoes and in the foreground. The ones in the foreground were supposed to be bush beans, but I must have planted the wrong ones), celery, leeks, brussel sprouts, corn, and 3 different kinds of cucumbers (an heirloom variety, pickling, and a “regular” kind. They are going crazy right now, so make cukes!), and a pink flamingo.

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